The crucifixion nail that I hold in my hand is a replica of an authentic Roman nail like the one used for the crucifixion of Christ. The nail of crucifixion is the most important symbol of the passion of christ that we still have in our hands and we know exactly how it looked like. The cross and the crown of thorns, made of wood, perishable material, disappeared. We couldn't find even one peice of a cross from ancient times.


We did find however a lot of nails. Iron was quite expensive in those times and therefore nails were taken out from the bodies of the crucified victims for secondary use. Based on those we ofer a replica of the crucifixion nail, like the one that naild jesus pouring his blood on the cross. Jesus suffered, nailed to the cross, for 6 long hours. What killed him was not the four nails stuck in his wrists and feet but ropes. Jesus was tied to the cross in a way that caused his asphyxiation. His diafragm lost it flexibility and his chest muscles couldn't function anymore.


A long and cruel death from the 3rd to the 9th hour of the day. The suffering of jesus on the cross has a name. It is called the passion of christ. Passion had a double meaning in Latin. It means both 'suffering'and 'love'. It is out of the suffering of jesus on the cross that the Christian love was born. The nail of crucifixion is the symbol of the passion of christ. The closest thing to the blood of christ that was poured for many and that we can hold in our hand.


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